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Stamped with the mark of a legend, our range of kids' Jordan trainers and clothing honour His Airness wherever you wear them. Dominate the courts in the game-changing High Rising and, keep it street in their on-point hoodies and tees, or strap up with a snapback for a fresh finishing touch.
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The first ever Air Jordan silhouette to be a part of the Jordan brand was the Air Jordan 13, the same silhouette Jordan won his last championship in. Providing great looks for performance and style, Jordan shoes became more than just a sub-brand of Nike.
We offer a wide variety of University of Michigan Jordan Brand Clothing products to meet the needs of any UM fan. The M Den is the Official Merchandise Retailer of Michigan Athletics.
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baby shoes and clothes Born to move, crawl, push, pull, run, jump, reach and create. Your child requires use of their imagination to explore the world around them.

This mommy and me matching clothing set makes a perfect pair for any mommy son duo! This set works great for mother's day, a photoshoot, new baby , baby shower or just because. No matter the occasion, this set is sure to be a hit! All of our t-shirts A perfect item to wear for your baby girl's special occasion by Angels Garment. It is soft and cuddly wrap shoulder cape and collar that features a bow closure. Stunning mint blue faux fur cape and collar has that feminine touch she will adore.

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Many Jordanians also speak English. Other common greetings are as-salam alaykum peace be with you , with the reply of walaykum as-salam and to you peace.

The numbers one to ten in Arabic are: Common names for boys are Talal, Muhammad, and 'Abdullah. Common names for girls are: Fadwa, Leila, Fatima, and Reem. Jordanians are very superstitious people. They are firm believers in fate and omens. When someone is sick or injured, it is believed to be the result of rire jealousy and hassad envy.

To ward off the "evil eye," incense is burned, a lamb is offered to the poor, and a blue medallion is worn around the neck. Jordanian folktales, particularly those of the Bedu Bedouin , often feature themes of honor, generosity, and hospitality, all considered important Arab attributes. One folk story revolves around the legendary Hatim al-Ta'i, whose name means "generosity. She chose to have Hatim, and indeed he proved to be highly generous. When Hatim was sent to take the family's camels to pasture, Hatim proudly returned to tell his dismayed father that he had given away every one of the camels, and that this no doubt would bring fame to the family name.

This story typifies the importance that Jordanians place on generosity. More than 90 percent of Jordanians are Sunni Muslim, the majority sect of Islam. The remaining Jordanians belong to a wide range of Muslim and Christian sects. Islam impacts almost every aspect of the lives of Jordanians.

There is no such thing as the "separation of church and state" in an Islamic country such as Jordan. Religion plays just as large a part in government as it does in the everyday life of Jordanians. Friday is the Islamic day of rest, so most businesses and services are closed on Fridays. The main Muslim holidays include: Ramadan, the ninth month of the Muslim year during which everyone fasts from dawn to dusk; Eid al-Fitr, a three-day festival at the end of Ramadan; the First of Muharram, or the Muslim New Year; Mawoulid An-Nabawi, the Prophet Muhammad's birthday; and Eid al-Isra wa Al-Miraj, a feast celebrating the nocturnal visit of Muhammad to heaven.

Weddings are the most important event in a Jordanian's lifetime. The cost of the celebration is second only to that of buying a home. Guest lists can number anywhere from to 2, people. Births are also joyfully celebrated, with the mother's family providing the child's first wardrobe and furniture.

The aza, or "condolence period," following a death is a very important ritual in Jordanian society. It is essential to attend the aza of a neighbor or colleague. It is even required of the relative of a neighbor or colleague of a deceased person.

During the aza, men and women sit in separate rooms in the house of the deceased and drink black, unsweetened Arabic coffee. For forty days after the death, the aza is reopened every Monday and Thursday at the deceased's home.

Jordanians wear black for mourning, contrary to the Islamic custom of wearing white or beige during mourning. Jordanians are generally introverted and conservative, yet they are extremely hospitable.

When invited to a Jordanian home, a guest is expected to bring nothing and eat everything. In personal encounters, Jordanians are formal and polite. Before , few houses had piped water. Most houses still simply have home storage tanks and rely on water deliveries by truck.

Due to a severe water shortage, rationing is in effect. About 70 percent of Jordanians live in urban areas, most of them in the capital city of Amman considered one of the cleanest and most efficient cities of the Arab world.

Jordan is among the top ten countries of the world in reducing infant mortality, and life expectancies are fairly high: Because of the difficulty in finding employment in Jordan, particularly for skilled workers, many Jordanians go abroad in search of work.

The majority go to the Persian Gulf oil states Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates , whose small populations require them to import laborers from neighboring states. Working in the Gulf allows Jordanians to earn steady incomes, a percentage of which they send to family members in Jordan, thus helping the Jordanian economy. Traditional values are very important to Jordanians. Marriages usually result from family introductions, if not outright matches.

Couples are almost never forced to marry against their will, however. Upper-middle-class couples court each other in the Western style. One out of five marriages ends in divorce, and divorced women rarely remarry because of the stigma attached to them by society. A married woman's primary role is to produce children, preferably sons. A woman with many sons is considered more powerful than a woman with only daughters. The average Jordanian family has seven children, giving Jordan one of the highest birth rates in the world.

Women are guaranteed equal rights in the Jordanian constitution. Religious laws and social custom often undermine this. However, there are a few women in the Jordanian Parliament, suggesting their improved status. Homes are built so that floors can be added when sons marry. Sons bring their brides home and they raise their family there. Most Jordanians live in three- or fourstory homes containing extended families who eat together. Daughters-in-law are expected to do most of the cooking.

Men never cook or do housework. The Islamic tradition of women covering their faces is currently becoming more popular in Jordan. Everyday Jordanian dress is generally conservative, particularly for women. They are not allowed to wear tight clothes, sleeveless blouses, shorts, short skirts, or low-cut backs on shirts or dresses.

There are basically three styles of clothing for women in Jordan. Westernized women dress in modern Western clothes. Very religious women wear an outfit called the libis shar'i or jilbab. This is a floor-length, long-sleeved, button-front dress worn with the hair covered by a scarf. Sneaker tees Clothing to match Jordan releases. Sneaker Apparel designed to match retro Jordans.

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Find Infant & Toddler Jordan Clothing at Enjoy free shipping and returns with NikePlus. Set baby clothes knit baby clothes jordan baby clothes mommy baby Pollyhb Baby Boys Clothes Sets, 2PCs Toddler Kids Baby Boys Flowers Print Tops+Shorts Outfits Clothes Sets( Years) by Pollyhb. $ $ 7 Promotion Available; Promotion Available; See Details. Promotion Available and 2 more promotions. Shop Kids Jordan Clothing at Champs Sports. All shoes Launch at 10am ET (9am CT) For store specific launch locations and procedures, visit our LAUNCH LOCATOR.

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