What You Should Wear: The same suit-and-tie rig you'd wear to an important meeting at the office this time of year. And just like your 9–5 kits, a gray or navy suit is going to be your best bet.

While formality does need to be considered, the world of suits and sportcoats tends to dial down its seriousness a degree or two during the warmer months. If made and worn correctly, a suit and button-up shirt can make a man cooler than if he were out in shorts and a tank top. To this day, wool remains the most popular suit fabric. During the summer, however, swap these suits out for breathable, lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool without compromising on appearance. A go-to color for summer and spring, the khaki suit is perfect for any daytime event.

Same deal as with cars and watches: It's what's inside your suit jacket that counts the most, and for summer you want to avoid any padding or lining that might prevent your body from breathing.
Characteristics of a Summer Suit. Although a summer suit needs more than just one characteristic in order to be worn comfortably, the most important aspect .
Unless you live in very temperate climate, you should have a designated selection of suits for, at the very least, the summer and winter months. For the best winter suit, pay attention to the suit.
Oct 13,  · Summer Suit Style, Fabric and Lining. When buying a comfortable summer suit, men are wise to start with the fabric. Indeed, most fashion gurus suggest eschewing wool in favour of lighter materials like cotton or autoebookj1.gar: Scott Purcell, Frank Arthur.
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What to Look for in a Summer Suit

What to Look for in a Summer Suit

Spring and summer jackets are more comfortable (and formal) if made with a half canvas or more comfortable (and casual) if made unstructured. Leave the full canvas for the cooler months and the all-season suits.

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Summer Suit Fabrics

During the summer, however, swap these suits out for breathable, lightweight fabrics that will keep you cool without compromising on appearance. The Linen Suit Linen is a classic material for summer and it is one of the most popular fabrics for summer suits due to its lightweight, breathable weave. Looking for the best men’s summer suits can be a daunting task. But with such a range of fabrics, fits and colours to choose from, you’ll undoubtedly find the perfect one for your summer event. From a summer wedding suit, to another formal occasion, there’s something for everyone. A perfectly tailored suit is appropriate year-round—it's the fabric that's seasonal. While heavy wools and tweed jackets look fantastic in the winter, they're nothing short of suffocating in the warmer months. For spring and summer, opt for lightweight layers that you can wear inside and out, during the day and at .

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